Very simply, Landesign creates value, comfort and enjoyment out of your outdoor landscape. We strive to get the most out of your land.


From a cozy granite fire pit on the patio to sweeping flower gardens accentuating a new deck, our design incorporate the best materials available to bring your outdoor space to life. A space you think you can do nothing with often has loads of potential. We look at the outdoors differently and are able to create a useful and enjoyable space that helps bring your property to life.  What you may view as a negative, we look at as a positive.

We work from the ground up.

No two yards are alike. Especially on Cape Ann, every nook and cranny is unique to the next. So we approach every new project with open eyes along with a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t in this particular climate and its temperamental weather.

Our approach is to first understand what your needs are and then go through a process of conceptualizing different new ideas, educating you on your options, the costs, and the various solutions. Once we have conducted a thorough site analysis, we turn those ideas into concrete plans that can be implemented.


We look to orchestrate a plan that allows you to optimize the potential in your property. From natural stone outcroppings, native plant materials, and indigenous stone products, we incorporate the region’s natural materials and plant life to help your home blend into its surroundings. 

The process also includes a combination of photographic mapping of the space and the use of computer automated design software that helps streamline the design process and to better archive the results. The allows us to provide you with comprehensive and visual options that can show you what your land could be and give you a glimpse of what it will eventually look like. These digital sketches and tablet presentations help us to best communicate our design’s intent.


Finally, with your approval, we produce a final blueprint – on paper and digitally – that gives the contractors exactly what they need to get the job done right.  Depending on you preferences, we can manage the project at all levels to ensure the work matches the design and the installations are done efficiently.

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What We Do

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